Monday, August 13, 2007

Hernando de Soto Trail Hijacked!

Someone has hijacked the Hernando de Soto Trail and turne it from common sense history to absurdity. Maybe not the whole route, but definitely the portion which leads from Mauvila. Instead of the commonly accepted and factually sound route throught north Mississippi to the Mississippi River, Donald E. Sheppard has proposed, no created, a new trail leading north from Mauvila through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri before entering Arkansas.

He claims de soto crossed the Ohio River and named it the Rio Grande instead of the Mississippi. This is contrary to EVERY published account, every scholarly review, and the clear writings of the men who were with de Soto!

History is seldom exact due to various factors and is often disputed, but common sense must dictate a reasonable presentation.

To see a detailed discussion I have created to counter his hypothesis go to Debunk Sheppard and click on discussion.

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